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The  Dalai Lama has said that although attempting to bring about world peace  through the internal transformation of individuals is difficult, it is  the only way. Peace must first be developed within an individual, and  once it is, he or she is then able to create an atmosphere of peace and  harmony. This atmosphere can be expanded and extended from the  individual to his friends and family, from those friends and family to  the community, and eventually to the whole world. This is why I do the  work I do.

After  careers spanning management consulting, stay-at-home parenting and  transactional real estate law, I currently coach individuals and teach  meditation to groups, and, being passionate about the benefits of  meditation, I love working with people in this way. I excel at helping  beginners learn how to meditate, but more experienced meditators also  benefit from working with me. Sessions with me can lead to better stress  management and more inner peace, and I also teach Buddhist  psychology-based strategies for dealing with things like physical pain  and difficult emotions. My group classes and private sessions provide a  chance for you to stop and breathe regularly in order to be a little  more grounded and centered, or, for those who want it, a deeper  experience of spiritual growth and learning. My 

Beth Brotz

teaching style is gentle, without judgment; I help people learn how to love themselves.

Among  other things, meditation is about developing the ability to focus and  free yourself from the craziness your mind puts you through all the  time. 

There  are different ways to accomplish that, meditatively speaking. My work  with individuals includes some time discussing whatever is on the  client’s mind and how a spiritual approach and meditation might be  useful, followed by a guided meditation specifically tailored to  whatever came up during the discussion. Sessions are 45-minutes long,  and because they usually take place by telephone, I can coach no matter  where in the world you happen to be. I have conducted telephone sessions  with people all over the United States as well as overseas.

I also work regularly with groups in northern Los Angeles County, California teaching and leading guided meditations.

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