Light in the Wilderness
This is the digital art created to accompany my post for the 3rd Quarter Moon, January 8th, 2018 on the Icon Alchemy website.  

The source image for this piece is a photo of one of my father's rhododendrons, which with a little tampering yielded something resembling the cold glow of a winter moon, albeit for visibility's sake in brighter surroundings than a 3rd Quarter Moon could possibly yield in these woods.  Hopefully a little creative license is forgivable.  ;)

A little purple also had to make its way in to acknowledge the powerful Plutonian/Scorpionic influence on the majority of the planets and luminaries occurring at this time.

This piece in particular is rekindling my interest in making prints of some of these digital pieces and remarquing them or even reworking them with individual hand embellishments in either paint or ink.  Something else to add to my never-ending To Do list!  ;)  But I do think it would be really fun, and could lead to some fabulous images.  Years ago at the first TempleCon I had some great conversations with Dave Seeley, a science fiction and fantasy artist who does beautiful combinations of traditional and digital work, and he got me thinking about how I could possibly combine traditional and digital techniques in my own work.  It took a long time before I really worked up the nerve to make digital art in its own right, but now that I have, it's bringing me back to those musings.  

We'll see where it goes, if I actually do get this idea off the ground.  I'm making no promises for the moment, but it's definitely making some noise in my head about wanting to happen.