The Starcounter of Keshet
Today's doodle refers to one of the many variants of the Birdverse creation legend - Dedéi and Basli briefly discuss it in the previous chapter. The Starcounter of Keshet is a mythical genderqueer personage who founded the Southern School of magic, also known as the Keshet Mountain Academy. They are depicted here when they go out, as is their custom, to count the stars of the firmament and record them on a clay tablet. (Apparently the Starcounter also has a goat. It is a miniature Moon goat). Recording the stars, the Starcounter notices that no less than twelve are missing from the sky, fallen or stolen they cannot quite fathom; the secret, of course, is Bird, the goddess, to whose tail the missing stars have stuck. Later, She will shake them off her tail and into the hands of the Guardians, representing the peoples of the land. (Further down the tail you can see the Dark Star, which has become very stuck indeed). Happy February, Rose