Hello patrons! I just wanted to drop you all a quick note, since it's once again the beginning of the month. First off, I want to thank you again for encouraging me to write the article on basic human actions! It went over much better than I expected, even getting a mention by the BGG twitter account, a first for the blog. I will keep in mind that there is more demand for high level theory articles than I realized. For this month, I'm not taking article requests. That's because I already have two articles planned. First is the Corporate America retrospective. One patron privately requested this article last month, and I think it would be good for the company for me to take some time going over this. These money articles also tend to be pretty popular. To give you all a little preview, the numbers don't look particularly promising... but that just means there are lots of opportunities for lessons learned! These lessons will be very important for me as I gear up for my next Kickstarter and strive to make Nothing Sacred Games sustainable this year. And speaking of my next Kickstarter, the second article this month will be about design challenges for Birds of a Feather. The Kickstarter is scheduled to go live in just over a month, and I want to get at least one article out about the game before then to increase awareness. This article will admittedly be more about development than design, but it should still be interesting, especially for those hoping to turn their own designs into final products. That's it for now. As always, thanks very much for your support! Teale