So, February and March are going to be video on Maps and Locations. Both in the Shell and in the Browser. After that I'm going to do a short series on "Fun Root Tricks with Android". Normally some of you guys get to vote on the topics, but I just got a new Phone and want to do that series while stuff is fresh in my head. It will mostly be shell commands, and I think you will like it a lot. After that we'll continue with voting again. Some ideas I'm throwing around are: 1) Diving into existing projects. Some of my very first experiences with programming and software modifications was with DOOM. It's open source now, but even before it was, there was a lot you could do with it. I want to look at 3 main areas of this software. Getting the source code, modifying it, and compiling it. Unpackaging the elements of the game and repacking them. And a Quick look at using a Hex Editor to modify the game (it open now so you don't need to do this, but it's a handy trick to learn). 2) Virtual Machine tips and tricks. 3) Real time Video effects (blue screens, Picture in Picture, and overlays in real time). I have other ideas as well, but these are ones I have at the top of my list currently. As we get closer I'll post a video with a voting link for those of you who can vote. Any feed back is welcome. :)