Developer's report - December 2017
Here's what I have been doing in December:

Improvements on integration is an online, web-based tournament management tool for Netrunner developed by johno. If you haven't tried it out, give it a go, I highly recommend it. You can easily import your tournament results to I added match score and top-cut chart support.

Responsive design improvements for mobile should look way better on mobile than before.

Adding automated tests

As I mentioned in the previous month, having automated tests are really important. I have been adding some more. Unfortunately there is still a lot to add (and also any new development should be tested as well). You can check out the test code in the /tests/nightwatch/tests folder. You can also have a look at my progress and the human-readable test cases here.

Various bugfixes and small adjustments

As always.

Enjoying the holidays

I hope you enjoyed them as well :)

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