Search for the Perfect Cuppa - Episode 1 "Coopers Tearooms"

Welcome to our ‘Perfect Cuppa’ series.

It's time for a brand new adventure. Once a month we're taking you all on a 'Quest for the Perfect Cuppa'. The question is where can you get a perfect cup of tea and a beautifully baked scone from? To find out, we are going to visit 12 different tea rooms and sample their fare. Each episode, starting today, you'll join us at a different tearooms. We'll try:

  • A pot of tea
  • A pepperment infusion
  • A scone with jam 

We'll then head back to 'Perfect Cuppa HQ' to discuss what we've tried and to score it. Perfection will be rewarded with the ultimate 'Bakery Bear' 5 stars, anything less than perfection and we'll take away a star.

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The series will continue in March 2019

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Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you soon with more!

Dan & Kay