Wands and Witches gameplay FAQ

We get many similar questions from players. So, we’ve made you a mini FAQ about gameplay.

Q) Nothing happens in the game. How do I get the quests?

A) For most of the quests, you must have a high level of relationship with the characters. Typically, the "friend" level is sufficient to reach the character's first quest.

Q) How can I improve the relationship with the character?

A) You need to talk to him or her. Also, the relationship can increase or decrease during quests. But you must first improve the character relationship to start any quest.

 Q) I talk to the character, but the relationship does not go up. Or even go down. What should I do?

A) There is no single method for a successful conversation. The conversation depends on your stats, the character's relationship to you, your House, and sometimes simply on your luck.
The main stat you should pay attention to is your character's LOOKS.
Your looks are positively affected by: high charisma, expensive robes and items you may receive in the game.
Your looks are negatively affected by: low charisma and the level of your hygiene. If you don’t shower often, then the other characters won’t like it.

You can find the LOOKS rating on your “Character” page. Try not to start conversations when your looks are below 8 (You will have the best results at maximum LOOKS level).

Q) What topics improve relationships best?

A) There is no single answer to this question. As a rule, it is best to try different topics and look at the character's reaction. And do not limit yourself to one topic. If you say what he or she wants to hear, then you can improve your relationship by 2-3 points at once.

Also note, some topics won’t appear until you reach a certain level of relationship. If you see a new topic show up, it means you’ve advanced your relationship with that character even if the “Character” screen doesn’t always reflect it.

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