January Update
Happy 2018! As I sit and write this update, this may be the first day that comes close to normalcy since the new year. Between holidays, school closings and burst pipes it seems that this new year still hasn't officially started yet, but now I'm finally getting into a rhythm and I've got some new things to share with you guys.

First off, many, many thanks to our friends at Indy Hall, who have been hosting us for our recordings since a pipe burst at our office, effectively sinking the Submarine, (still haven't gotten sick of saying it, sorry). I've recorded two episodes there already and I'm recording a third this week, and there's some talk of this becoming more of a permanent thing, so look out for more news about our partnership with Indy Hall very soon!

Secondly, we've got some great new episodes coming up, including my chat with Mikey Burton, which comes out next Tuesday. I was introduced to Mikey's work through doing the show, but by that point he'd already moved to Chicago. I always had it in the back of my head that if I ever had the opportunity to chat with him, I really wanted to make it happen. So when I found out that he was in town teaching at Tyler I reached out to him and we were able to make it happen before the end of the semester. 

Speaking of teachers at Tyler, I also got to sit down with Abby Guido, Bryan Satalino and Clifton Fordham about Philly Row, an artistic and architectural investigation into the Philadelphia row house aiming to connect Philadelphians to their city and the homes they live in. We talked about the origins of their project as well as how the project's evolving. Look forward to that episode this February.

Finally, Patreon subscribers can look forward to a bonus episode on February 1st with friend of the show Matt Goold. Matt's episode of Hi-Res last year was chock full of music talk so I thought he was the perfect person to invite back to talk about our favorite music of 2017. Matt had thoughtful critiques for all his choices, so this episode will be an absolute treat. We'll even have a Spotify playlist that listeners can follow along with our choices.

That's it for now, friends. Talk soon!