Thank you so much dear Knights, Earls, Kings and Grand Kings! I am truly very honoured and happy that you will support my works, thank you so so so much ;____; Because I have only started this project this month, I have not much drawing process to share, plus my hard disk that used to contained my drawing process videos is damaged and not able to recover at all. But please rest assured that I will include more drawing process starting next month (March), this includes step by step JPG for Earls and videos for Dukes, Kings and Grand Kings. I will still include a drawing video for the month of February(exclusive for dear Kings and Grand Kings only), although it will be a simple one, please forgive me for such inconveniences, my dear Highness m(_ _)m Once again thank you so much, and I will send all the rewards before end of February :) Many many thanks! <3<3
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