Snails' Progress
I've been trying to find the balance between writing for my astrology blog at Icon Alchemy and creating art in other media, especially feeling the need to get back to divinatory drawing, but recognizing that I still have a lot on my plate to catch up to in the wake of my recent cancer battle.  Moving back to doing daily divinatory drawings is not yet possible, but for last night's 1st Quarter Moon in Taurus, I felt a real need to get grounded in the physical process of drawing, rather than staying confined to the more cerebral practice of writing.  

I'd actually done the initial penciling for this a while ago, just playing around and not really thinking it would end up as a finished drawing, and I still don't consider this a finished piece by a long shot - it was mostly me doing some glorified doodling with a set of coloured gel pens and recognizing that it was unlikely to go beyond that.  That said, I suspect that I may end up adding to this at some point by painting over the top of it.  

As with many of my coloured pieces in recent years, this makes use of some metallic ink that doesn't show up well on the scanner, and it turned out a bit darker overall than I had intended.  Still, I'm relatively happy with it, whether or not I decide to do further work on it.  Listening to the rain while going back and forth with the cross-hatching, seeing what each new layer of colour revealed, and embracing the moving meditation of the process was the best possible way that I could find to work with the energies of the Quarter Moon challenge, and it all helped me get a clearer sense of the creative and productive path before me as I build upon the practical imperative of the intentions I set at this most recent New Moon.  Cancer was a hiccup in my timeline that felt very big at the time, but in the long-run was only a momentary delay.  I still have a ways to go in recovering and rebuilding, but for the first time in a while I have a real sense of exactly how high the mountain before me is and what steps I need to take to climb it successfully.  I've been moving at a snail's pace and previously feeling frustrated by that.  But this snail is still going forward, and for the moment, I'm content with this slow-and-steady ascent.  :)

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