Boon Hill - A Game Fueled By Morbid Curiosity
Some crazy games are being bred out of the Kickstarter phenomenon, and Boon Hill in particular, has stood out for me as one of the strangest. Currently in development by Matthew Ritter, Boon Hill explores life, death, and how we will all be remembered when we pass on to the other side. I spoke to Matt briefly last year when the Kickstarter campaign was still up in the air, and I soon learned that death has been a morbid curiosity of his for quite some time. He is also quite fond of poetry, particularly those found withing the tightly bound pages of The Spoon River Anthology. So I'm going to be working with Matt to get a huge feature about Boon Hill, his fascination with the subject matter, where the game is heading, and the trap with Kickstarters and why development time seems to always go over. I think this is going to be a really fun feature, and I may even convince him to make up a sweet custom wallpaper for your device to say thanks! Once again, thank you for your support! Spread the word and help me get to a point where I can travel to meet these people in person and shoot some interesting videos! Steve
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