A Glimmer of Green Light
We've hit our third milestone! This is the real, first goal of this campaign — a full, if modest, budget for the creation of a 10,000 word adventure-world with a few black and white illustrations. Effectively, at this point, the project (including its pitches) is "green lit". We still have some preparatory work to do before we can get our writers writing and our artists arting, and we still have milestones ahead all oriented on making each offering better, of course. But thanks to you all pledging over $1250 per adventure, each one now has a solid foundation and a solid budget to build upon. So thank you again! This has been an amazing launch, and we're excited to see more Fate adventures make it out into the world. We would not and could not be doing it without your help, support, and guidance. Folks at the "Insider" level of $12-per-adventure will be hearing from us soon as we start to make some choices about artists and priorities for release, once we have a chance to sort out things like schedules and our overall strategy (under Hat founder Rob Donoghue's supervision) for adventure design with our four pitch authors. While that's happening we'll be working on finishing up Venture City Stories, and will be giving you some peeks into that process as we move it along. Stay tuned, folks!