The countdown begins!
If you follow our Dev Logs you'll know how insanely busy we've been recently preparing Phaser 3 for release. If you read Dev Log 114 you'll also know we were meant to release v3 today, but that we weren't quite ready. I had a talk with Mozilla, who awarded us the money to be able to work on v3, to see if there was any flexibility in the release date. They agreed there was. As it actually turns out, as long as we release within 1 year of the contract date, it's all good with them!

Thankfully, we don't need a year. We just need a couple of weeks. The API is solid, the new WebGL Pipeline code is in, all the internal systems have moved over to plugins and I have been working through the documentation like a man possessed. This week I hit a significant milestone in that regard, in that the docs are now building properly and really coming together! It took some serious jsdoc wrangling, believe me, but it works. It was quite something to see the first build of them in browser. They feel tangible at long last.

I've still a lot of documentation left to write, but it feels achievable. So much so, that baring any acts of God, we're setting the 3.0.0 release date to be February 12th. A proper fully documented release. Yes, we removed a few features from the API, and will add those back in the coming months, but there is so much to get your teeth in to! With the docs in place you'll be able to use them alongside the examples and really go to town learning what cool new things v3 can do. 

Thank you all for bearing with us this past year, and indeed longer. V3 has been such a massive amount of work, so long in the making. I'll be honest, it has been hard to stay positive across all that time and even I doubted myself more than once. It felt like it could have become a bit of a Duke Nukem Forever at some points.

There are elements we have done, re-done, then done again as the gears shifted in to place and we revisited old code. In hindsight I feel that these are all signs that what you're working on is a true labour of love. That couldn't be more true.

Phaser Stickers

Please understand I have not forgotten about these! In fact I just ordered some proofs of the new logo to see how they'll look as stickers and magnets. Please let me get 3.0 released and once done I promise I'll give these my full attention, get them printed and then shipped out to backers.  Also, check out that awesome new logo by the super-talented Ilija :) which will now feature as one of the stickers!