Diet X DESTROYS Diet B in Protein-Matched Ad-Lib Feeding Study

With language like that, you'd expect to see a pretty big difference between the two diets. I mean like, really big difference.

So I clicked the link. Aaaaand #nothingsauce.


This study was similar to: "Carbs: Low vs. Lower" where it was shown that many people do just as well losing weight on a low carb diet as they do on a ketogenic diet.


The study was actually quite good, but "destroys" is not the word I would've used, especially since the destroyer dieters lost only about 25% more fat mass (P=0.083) and FOUR TIMES MORE FAT-FREE MASS (P=0.054).

Effects of a high-protein ketogenic diet on hunger, appetite, and weight loss in obese men feeding ad libitum (Johnstone et al., 2008)

The study was well-done, but the conclusion wasn't that keto "destroyed" low carb. People assigned to the ketogenic diet were less hungry, ate a little less, lost slightly more weight -- perhaps body composition would've been better had they increased protein intake. It's tough to maintain lean mass when you cut carbs (as mentioned ad nauseum: dietary protein and carbs support lean mass far more than dietary fat).

More evidence against "DESTROYS"

The ketogenic dieters were also less satisfied and reported lower "subjectively-rated pleasantness" of the meals.

LC fam, I'm on your side! I would have been perfectly comfortable agreeing carb restriction is effective for weight loss, whether it be a little or a lot, but I feel compelled to write blog posts like this when people grossly misinterpret decent studies.

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