Sword of Wonder .21 Free, Public Release
Tomorrow I initially scheduled to post this for free, but it's Saturday, I just cruised a few websites and if you're like me: there's not a lot of awesome out there today. So while I'm cranking on the Romancing the Kingdom .50 update, I wanted to share two things with you.

First, the game guide to the Sword of Wonder .21 is here:


If you're like some people, a bit of help may be needed to ensure you get to experience, even this early build, the full game. Or just to ensure you get the format of the interactions, as this is very different than my other games. 

Second, what's new in this if you played the .20 version before?

SoW version .21 release notes:

45 new renders in game, no new animation 

* Last version had 97 images, this one has 152 images.

Scenes added & features, characters or other changes:

* Improved title screen

* Princess Briley and Queen Uma as characters with unique love scores (essentially in parallel with RtK).

* Hidden object feature (will be included in various ways throughout game) as well as new achievements (2 in current game) and a quest log. The quest log will be part of the version .22 out in February but the code base has been tested & working.

* 430 lines added to latest file 

Bugs fixed:

* Ensured continuity with prior version. 

Download links:







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