Lights Out (HTML excerpt)

"My whole life is here," he said. "You're here."

"I  could come to you anywhere," Emrick reminded him. "All places are alike  to me, save for the place where you are, where lives my heart."

Richard  tried to smile. "You bring mine back to me whenever you come." He  dropped the letter, reached for Emrick's hands, clasped them, drew him  down to the bed. "Come to me here."

They  made the darkness thick and sweet between them, filled it with that old  familiar song whose rhythm was Richard's labored breathing and whose  melody was the vampire's controlled grace. They had memorized every line  years ago. Their performance tonight was, as always, note-perfect. That  very familiarity, usually a comfort, filled Richard now with doubts. He will grow tired of me, Richard thought. He  has already grown bored. He used to offer every night to turn me, like  the Beast nightly asking Beauty for her hand. He used to say he feared  the thought of my dying and deserting him. Does he now fear the prospect  of being stuck with me for eternity?

I'd say no, of course. But he never asks anymore....
This has been an excerpt from the Friday Fictionette for February 2, 2018. Subscribers can download the full-length fictionette (959 words) from Patreon as an
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"Candle in the Window" image by (CC BY 4.0)