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Patrons Only
$1 or more per month 8 patrons
- You keep the Empire growing

- Adding towards our goal of every listener donating $1

- Access to our subscriber email updates

- Behind the Scenes information

- A Twitter Follow

- We will add you to our Most Glorious Empire Facebook Group

$5 or more per month 54 patrons
- Everything in the previous tier

- A private RSS feed of exclusive WAL audio and a weekly bonus segment. 

- You'll get every episode Friday while everyone else gets it Monday. It will be CD quality and commercial free. 

- A thank you on Twitter

$10 or more per month 42 patrons
- Everything in lower tiers.

- Access to the special Facebook group, Dear Leader's Court.

- A live stream of the Thursday night episode giving Nobility the members the chance to interact with the cast. 

- A thank you on the show

Royal Court
$25 or more per month 24 patrons
- Everything in the previous tiers

- 2 WAL posters. 1 will be autographed

- Discounts in the forthcoming store

- Free tickets to our live shows

- A thank you on our 90,000+ social media platforms

Emperor's Circle
$100 or more per month 5 patrons
- Everything in previous tiers

- An addition to Dear Leader's Chambers, a special Facebook chat with the cast

- A guest spot on the show after two months of donations

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