ABOUT THE FREE PICTURE REWARD For believing in me and my projects I am giving a very spectacular reward to ANY PATRON. Any Jarvie patron may have any picture I've ever posted of them both as a web prepped image AND a full resolution image. I shall provide an FAQ for more specifics. (Non-commercial use) -------------FAQ---------- WHERE? http://jarviedigital.com Look at jarviedigital.com/people for lots of random galleries of friends WHICH IMAGES? The reward is so that patrons may have images of themselves or their family members. (Non-commercial images for non-commercial usage.) REQUESTS? 1. Send me the Link to your gallery located on Jarviedigital.com I will enable that gallery for Full-Size download-ability. 2. If you can't find your gallery on jarviedigital.com please send me a request. a. I will help you find it. b. If it's not on Jarviedigital.com I will put that request in the queue of things to get done. There is no time guarantee. SPECIAL IMAGE REQUESTS? This requests listed above are for galleries of images I've personally chosen to edit, not requests of specific pictures that you want edited. The gift/reward is the access to full files and greater rights to use the images. SOCIAL MEDIA USE? Any personal social media use at any time. Including profile pictures and personal galleries. (Which is technically not limited to Patrons.) You'll want to use the web-prepped images as full-sized images wouldn't work well online. Please consider tagging me on that social media or linking to blog.jarviedigital.com or patreon.com/jarvie while presently not required it's the awesome thing to do. OTHER FULL SIZE USES Slideshows, videos, backgrounds, screensavers, family memory storage, digital frames DURATION OF REWARD? Your reward to use the images lasts as long as you're a patron. COMMERCIAL USE? The right to use commercial images or use personal images for commercial use can be negotiated. Basically if you're making money or a website is making money off an image talk to me first. PRINT RIGHT BONUS? The right to print the images wherever you'd like, for personal use, is a bonus for patrons that show a commitment to me and my projects on Patreon for a years time. (any level patronage $1 and up) At any time you may of course order prints from my website and they'll be printed by an amazing print lab. 4x6 ALBUM PRINTS With that being said you do not need to be a patron for 1 year to print 4x6 sized images which are meant to be used for family albums etc WEDDINGS AND PAID PHOTOSHOOTS? Yes this applies to any (non-commercial) photoshoots like weddings and family portraits. Any wedding or other paid (non-commercial) shoot can now get access via this patreon reward or negotiate terms separately. WEDDING GUESTS? Previously image access to weddings was only for the customers themselves now any of their friends and family can also get those files as a Patron. PREVIOUS CUSTOMER TERMS? Any customers prior to Patreon can still get their pictures without being a patron as per the terms of their photoshoot. SUBJECT TO CHANGE Check the comments as I may answer or clarify future questions. I reserve the right to stop or alter this patreon reward at any time. (Though i have no plans presently to do so)