February Rewards Round-Up
Another month's worth of bonuses, art votes, and pin-ups are all available now! Here's what's new:

All backers: This month's art vote is live! You've got until this Friday to help pick this months couples-themed bonus pieces.

S&F Extra backers: A new issue is here, chronicling the making of futuristic mash-ups, pet logo design, Sonic fan art, and more!

Art Vault backers: The vault has been updated with a ton of new marker sketches and layered PSDs. 

Saucy Hippo backers: The Pin-Up collection has been updated with 6 (!) new pieces, including a short comic about Ninja Stripolopy and the final 3 pieces of Gert's striptease series.  (Some pieces are NSFW.)  You can also help vote for who and what I draw for this month's couples-themed pin-ups!

Thanks for another month of support, team. 'Til next time!