We have a podcast!
After months and months we finally have a podcast. It is only me, Heather, because I am working more than full time and am driving a lot and that means I DO have time to record even if it is a bit ramble-y because I am driving and can't have a script in front of me.  (Hard to read a script and drive a the same time.)

So far we have 5 episodes! YAH! And hopefully, when things calm down for the others they can join in the conversation (because conversations are way more fun than just listening to me chat about unschooling stuff.)

(If you prefer youtube I do have a YouTube Channel as well, though the uploads are more irregular and the attached video is random. I have several with local weather (Snow right now) several with videos of the kids dancing or playing when they were small, because...why not? Eventually I hope to get some video of my actual drive to accompany the video podcast edition.)