#cy365: february, week one
February 1 - balancing act - I woke up with a cold. I'm doing hourly comic day today. I took a break from daily photo projects because the balancing act was stressing me out, but I thought I might do #cy365 every other month, depending on how I handle it this month. ❤️ 

February 2 - the red rule - spent some time this morning thinking about the photo I would take it I weren't sick and then let it go.  Feeling better, though.

February 3 - on the line - I got out of breath taking this picture, so I still have some healing to do. 

February 4 - pink - There's not much pink in my house so I had to get into the art supplies. 🎨 Pink is one reason I know we see colors differently. In small doses I don't mind it, in nature I think it can be lovely, and of course there are always exceptions (I'm partial to the salmon pink crayon) but the Valentine's day aisle gives me an actual headache. 

Orange is my favorite color and I have known some people who feel about it the way I feel about pink, so maybe we are all one way or another or just somewhere in between. It's all good. 😉

Needless to say I won't be using the #cy365 weekly theme. 😁❤️😅 

February 5 - high key - I remembered something else pink. These butterflies in our bathtub. I actually wanted to replace them as soon as we moved in but they were stuck down good. Now they are starting to peel up and I just need to find the plain white oval grips I bought to replace them eleven years ago before I peel them up the rest of the way.  

February 6 - a favorite - I made some Moo minicards with some favorite photos from the past year and my site address on the back. People always ask where they can see my photos and now I will have something to give them. 👍 

February 7 - a little... light. Reflecting off of my shiny just cleaned door to make an x. ✨ 

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