Results 2017, goals 2018

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2016 and 2017 were terrible years with a few jolts of ernergy. Far from goals set, my 2017 production can count new illustrations for Loterie Romande, opening an online store, Inktober and Trinquétte Challenge participations, doodles here and here and differents pictures which I am refining. In the big changes, I left not so long ago many social networks including facecook.

In this beginning of 2018 I am feeling much better. I can again enjoy drawing lines compulsively without collapsing from exhaustion the following hours.

This year, I want to assess my skills. I plan to compete in The Raymond Leblanc Prize, the Angoulême ‘Jeunes talents’ and the BD-fil ‘Nouveau talent’ contests and the ‘Tremplin manga Ki-oon’ (if announced this year). For illustrations, I wish to contribute more Trinquétte Challenge and to dig out some dusty drawings.

As I come back from a long convalescence, evaluating work time for a drawing is proving to be hazardous. All the interest of these challenges will be to set things straight. However, the most important to me will remain my project STIGMA which has a good start since January. The idea is always to make a free webcomic. Once enough pages are completed, the launch date will be announced.

Nothing planned for The little pilferer, I note that digital inking is becomming more and more a source of blockage. I will other techniques, perhaps traditional, I don’t know too much yet.

My goal this year will also be to show less WIP and more finished drawings. I want to refocus as much as possible on my blog and to write its English version on Patreon for future articles.

On this, dear readers, I wish you a very happy new year!