that's right, it's morgue cart time. its late because yesterday i had to make a comic about how mad i am about journalists. i had to. i just HAD to. 

yesterday was mostly textbooks (sometimes we get police training manuals, including one that im saving to upload when there's a REALLY slow week)  with a handful of treasures in between. of the treasures, i was allowed to take two home.

the first is interesting only to me: 

a copy of extremely forgettable 2009 movie "brothers" featuring U2 apparently! completely unremarkable except somehow we got donated a screener copy intended to be sent out to academy members. mine now, fuckers. im going to sell it AND use it for purposes other than screening and you cant stop me.

next: a fundamentalist christian book full of ways to undermine belief in evolution.

dr john morris makes a lot of appearances in this book, not only as an author but as a primary source at the bottom of literally every single page several times.  do you think h. morris is related?

speaking of dinosaurs, here's my favorite answer from the book regarding how dinosaurs fit in to the creationism mythos: they're dragons, they were cow sized and they were hinted to extinction. you idiot. you moron.

you know how all reptiles just grow exponentially forever and that's why turtles are 8000lbs and the size of semi-trucks. 

also here's a page where he writes about race in which two black men as him a question at a public airport and he has a complete breakdown and starts crying


here are some other weird and obscure items from yesterday:

 a sketchers comic book where the bad guys are shoelaces 

some of that VERY VERY 90s artstyle that seems to be found exclusively in classrooms. where did this style come from and who made it? for what purpose? why do people keep buying it? when i think of the worst art style this is honestly what i usually default to.

a very retro suggestion on the back of a textbook


and lastly, this really isnt that remarkable but i had to stop and stare at the "revenge for all mankind" tagline on the cover. then i saw that the author was named after a plant. then i saw "the men of the sisterhood" and i had to know more.

BOLO consultants

see you next week