hqtrilogy log nr. 30
Before we get into the promised Current Status Roadmap, here's a quick list of done things:

* Increased health points for the diary author (50000 hp now instead of 20000). Battle now takes about as long as in previous version.

* Fixed the func_train / platform sounds (for each individual halfquake part), Sadism Express sounds like it should again. :D

* Cleaned up yes / no / okay textures, as well as the "Halfquake" TV texture for the first execution scene (there was a lot of weird background noise in those textures, and square-shaped black cutting traces). I mean, the texture still looks kinda weird at the edges, but that's alright. xD It's the same TV I used in HQ1.

* The model of the "scientist" that tells you about the patience part in the beginning of HQA wasn't the model of blackjack, even though it's actually his voice. That was a quick fix, but still worth it, even though that's only something I'd know xD

* Fixed a weird corner thingy in hq2_21.

* Fixed all the sounds in hq2_6 (some direct button sound access, which moved into their own subfolders hq1/hq2/hq3).

* Moving back to HQ1, I fixed something that I couldn't 18 years ago :D If you remember the intro, there was this claw thing and each part would just open in a weird direction, I thought it looked funny, that's why I kept it that way, but it was always intended to open, y'know, like a spider or a cage kind of thing. Here's what two of the claws did before the change:

The problem was that, for the claws that are rotated at a 45° angle, I couldn't open them like they should (swing upwards, like one of those futuristic car doors xD). But now, with the Power of Spirit, I can! I simply have to make a small object, convert that to a func_door_rotating, set its opening angle to 45 degrees, and then set all 4 claws to move with that little rotating object door. What happens now is: The level starts, the rotating door rotates (which the player doesn't yet see), the four claws rotate along with the door, and they can still swing upwards in the intended way. Here's what it looks like now, first fully swinging upwards at a 90°, then putting it closer to around 30°:

Kind of looks like a spider, just like it should have looked 18 years ago. xD

* I tried fixing a rendering error for transparent glass, but haven't had any luck yet. Whenever I look at an object with a rendering mode of "texture" and a value of something below 255, it appears as 255 but only when looking directly at it from the front. From the side it's always ok. Weird, but that'll be something for later.

And now - ROADMAP TIME! Where are we?


✓ The project contains all three parts and they're all playable from beginning to end.

✓ Converted HQ1 and HQA to Spirit of Half-Life.

✓ Merged all sound directories so each individual part has their respective voices and noises.

✓ Sounds for buttons, doors and trains for each part are correct.

✓ New weapon: Sword of Sadism (to make crowbar work in HQ1)

✓ New monsters: Victim Marine (diary author), Gray Slave (HQA variant of alien slave), Dragon (headcrab variant)

✓ Restored functionality of game text and showing the player's model in a camera's view.

✓ Fixed over 60 various issues across all three parts, including camera issues (ratio, distance, initial view direction), gamebreakers, lighting troubles and textures.

Left to do:

✏ About 30 open issues, mostly minor things in HQ1 (camera position, flickering textures, etc.)

✏ Replace copyrighted art (textures)

✏ Replace all copyrighted music (HQ credits, manson samples, various songs in "patience", tetris, various aphex twin tracks, etc.) (about a dozen songs or so)

✏ Create the mod-selection map that connects all three parts

✏ Fix color and sound of explosions in all three parts

✏ Add a bunch of new easter eggs :D

✏ Create a Standalone Version (depends on response from Valve)

✏ Slowly but surely prepare for release

I think we're almost over the hill of bugs 'n fixes, and about to slowly descend into the valley of adding new stuff. Let's have some fun, shall we? :D

To be continued... (<

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