Hope Playing Under My Bed
It's that time of year again! Artists of Mosman is on, and I'm back in! (Click here to see last year's entries.) This time I entered the black and white version of Hope Playing Under My Bed.

Hope Playing Under My Bed (BW), Acrylic on board, 2017

I was in a bit of a rush with my submissions this year. Having been in Japan and out of the loop for so long, I almost missed the deadline! So I entered this painting, as well as my Copper Jewellery for the Post-Apocalypse. I did want to enter my first oil painting, but I didn't have time to get a frame for it (the board being too thin to screw the required hangers onto). Oh well! The jewellery didn't make it in, I'm sure the conservative selectors didn't even know what they were looking at hahaha! But my unchallenging, cutesy puppy did. ^_^

I actually completed the colour version first:

Hope Playing Under My Bed (Col), Acrylic on board, 2017 

The two paintings were part of an exercise in handling "value", for the Chromatic and Tonal Approaches class I did last year. The idea was to create a colour painting, and then recreate it in monochrome, keeping the "value" as consistent as possible. "Value" more or less means the same level of lightness/darkness. You can see what I was going for in this image comparing them side-by-side using different BW settings in Photoshop:

Not too bad!

As for why I chose to enter the black and white version instead of colour, I guess there's two main points.

1. I spent longer on the black and white, trying to match it to the colour, so it ended up being more polished. I only had a few weeks to get both done, so I rushed the colour a bit, and it's a little messier as a result. I figure the slightly more refined look is better for a conservative gallery such as Mosman. (More out-there things seem to only get in if the artist's name is already big.)

2. I wanna keep the colour one to myself! Mosman Art Gallery lets you sell, and while I dunno if it'll actually happen, I figure why not try? And the colour one is the one I prefer to keep. Main reason being, I see my dog as a colourful character, not a greyscale decoration. I feel the colour one captures his personality so much better, and its messiness even adds to that. My classmates disagreed with me when I presented them, but they don't know my crazy dog! XD

So here it is, hanging in the gallery on Friday's opening night! On its own, no wall of dogs this year lol. And of course, I dressed to distress hahaha! I recently received a vicious greasy from a local while dressed relatively tamely, never mind my straight-edge habits, so I decided to respond by going all out for the biggest social event I ever attend in the area. Hehe, I do like to rile those kinds of people up... Even better, my mum dressed up with me! ♥

And as you'd expect, we turned heads haha. We pretended not to notice, but we attracted a suitable assortment of trying-not-to-stare reactions. We even got pulled over after speeches by a lady who was either the curator or a selector (I didn't catch which from the back of the hall), who marvelled at our outfits without ever suspecting we were related. It was great fun hahaha!

If you happen to be in Mosman between now and March 4, the Artists of Mosman exhibition is on at Mosman Art Gallery:

10am - 5pm, 7 days a week
(closed on public holidays)
1 Art Gallery Way

It spans both levels 1 and 2, including the outer stairwell. My work is on level 1 just at the start of the inner stairs.

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