Index to Ollendorff's Greek Audio Course
This is an Early Modern Greek textbook and audio course. It teaches the nominative, accusative, dative and genitive in its paradigms and examples, and uses ancient vocabulary preferentially. It can be thought of as offering a 'Heavily Atticized' form of early modern Greek. 

The translation is by N. Kontopoulos, who also translated Kendrick's Greek Ollendorff into Modern Greek.

Ollendorff's method is extremely systematic and, unlike most language books, very gradual in its progression. 

This textbook is an excellent companion to Ashael Kendrick's 'Greek Ollendorff', or the study of Ancient Greek in general, which, while not as comprehensive as Ollendoff's Greek and English method, focuses exclusively on Attic Greek.  Thomas Kerchever Arnold, M.A.  apparently made a full translation of Ollendorff's text into Ancient Greek, but did not publish it. If this manuscript could be located, that would be amazing.

The pronunciation used here is that of Hellenistic Greek, (the pronunciation used during the time of the Romans) read with the tones, and with vowel distinctions that had probably disappeared in most readers of Hellenistic Greek, apart from more educated folks ( in other words, it is a non-iotic rendering). Note: Examples of these ancient Attic vowel pronunciations persist in various locales in Modern Greek dialects, although no one place has them all.

Text (Google Books) 

Lesson 1 a Grammar 

Lesson 1b Exercise 1 

Lesson 2a Grammar 

Lesson 2b Exercise 2 

Lesson 3a Grammar 

Lesson 3b Exercise 3 

Lesson 3c Exercise 4 

Lesson 4a Grammar 

Lesson 4b Exercise 5 

Lesson 4c Exercise 6 

Lesson 5a Grammar 

Lesson 5b Exercise 7 

Lesson 5c Exercise 8 

Lesson 6a Grammar 

Lesson 6b Exercise 9 

Lesson 6c Exercise 10 

Lesson 6d Exercise 11 

Lesson 7a Grammar 

Lesson 7b Exercise 12 

Lesson 7c Exercise 13 

Lesson 7d Exercise 14 

 Lesson 8a Grammar  

Lesson 8b Exercise 15 

Lesson 8c Exercise 16 

 Lesson 9a Grammar  

Lesson 9b Exercise 17 

Lesson 9c Exercise 18 

Lesson 9d Exercise 19 

 Lesson 10a Grammar  

Lesson 10b Exercise 20 

Lesson 10c Exercise 21 

Lesson 10d Exercise 22 

 Lesson 11a Grammar  

Lesson 11b Exercise 23 

Lesson 11c Exercise 24 

Lesson 11d Exercise 25 

 Lesson 12a Grammar  

Lesson 12b Exercise 26 

Lesson 12c Exercise 27 

Lesson 12d Exercise 28 

 Lesson 13a Grammar  

Lesson 13b Exercise 29 

Lesson 13c Exercise 30 

Lesson 13d Exerecise 31 

 Lesson 14a Grammar  

Lesson 14b Exercise 32 

Lesson 14c Exercise 33 

Lesson 14d Exercise 34 

 Lesson 15a Grammar  

Lesson 15b Exercise 35 

Lesson 15c Exercise 36 

Lesson 15d Exercise 37 

 Lesson 16a Grammar  

Lesson 16b Exercise 38 

Lesson 16c Exercise 39 

Lesson 16d Exercise 40 

Lesson 16e Exercise 41 

 Lesson 17a Grammar  

Lesson 17b Exercise 42 

Lesson 17c Exercise 43 

Lesson 17d Exercise 44 

 Lesson 18a Grammar  

Lesson 18b Exercise 45 

Lesson 18c Exercise 46 

Lesson 18d Exercise 47 

Lesson 18e Exercise 48 

 Lesson 19a Grammar  

Lesson 19b Exercise 49 

Lesson 19c Exercise 50 

Lesson 19d Exercise 51 

Lesson 19e Exercise 52 

 Lesson 20a Grammar  

Lesson 20b Exercise 53 

Lesson 20c Exercise 54

Lesson 20d Exercise 55 

Lesson 20e Exercise 56 

About Jean Manesca and Ollendorff 

 Lesson 21a Grammar  

Lesson 21 b Exercise 57 

Lesson 21 c Exercise 58 

Lesson 21 d Exercise 59 

Lesson 21 e Exercise 60 

Lesson 21 f Exercise 61 

A Description of the Ollendorffian Method 

 Lesson 22a Grammar  

Lesson 22 b Exercise 62 

Lesson 22 c Exercise 63 

Lesson 22 d Exercise 64 

Lesson 22e Exercise 65 

 Lesson 23a Grammar  

Lesson 23b Exercise 66 

 Lesson 24a Grammar  

 Lesson 25a Grammar 

 Lesson 26a Grammar  

 Lesson 27a Grammar  

 Lesson 28a Grammar  

 Lesson 29a Grammar  

 Lesson 30a Grammar  

 Lesson 31a Grammar  

 Lesson 32a Grammar  

 Lesson 33a Grammar   

 Lesson 34a Grammar    

 Lesson 35a Grammar   

 Lesson 36a Grammar  

 Lesson 37a Grammar   

 Lesson 38a Grammar   

 Lesson 39a Grammar  

 Lesson 40a Grammar   

 Lesson 41a Grammar   

 Lesson 42a Grammar  

 Lesson 43a Grammar   

 Lesson 44a Grammar  

 Lesson 45a Grammar   

 Lesson 46a Grammar   

 Lesson 47a Grammar  

 Lesson 48a Grammar   

 Lesson 49a Grammar  

 Lesson 50a Grammar  

 Lesson 51a Grammar  

 Lesson 52a Grammar  

 Lesson 53a Grammar 

 Lesson 54a Grammar 

 Lesson 55a Grammar  

 Lesson 56a Grammar  

 Lesson 57a Grammar  

 Lesson 58a Grammar 

 Lesson 59a Grammar

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