Super OSW Level 14!
Super OSW Level 14 now on the audio feed!

Show page + track listing: 

Download 320kbps mp3 & FLAC: CLICK HERE! 

Show notes:
Originally aired 27th Dec, 2017 on 103.2 Dublin City FM!

• FLAC is slightly longer than the mp3/podcast feed – “Order Yet Undeciphered” has an extra minute, and contains the “Christmas track”! Seasonal music completely dates the show (making it unsuitable for re-airings on the station) so it's just in the flac. It's a fantastic Xmas/Mario medley, “Super Mario's Sleigh Ride” from The OneUps!

• The run time is just over 2 hours, which is ~10 minutes longer than usual, because there wasn't any ad breaks over Christmas in Dublin City FM! I usually bring extra tracks and stuff gets cut/shortened based on how the show is going. Enjoy!

Here's The Belmonts cassette ep I mentioned! 

Request tracks for L15 below! Make sure to leave a youtube link and your home town for a shoutout!

See ya in the funny pages!


p.s. [UPDATE 5pm] - Still waiting on bits and bobs for Sunny Side Up! Will upload as soon as it's ready! (later this week!)

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