Airbrush Success!
Well that was easy. Laying down the colors with the airbrush last night took about half an hour for all ten pages, and a chunk of that was just doing tests and practice and realizing that I needed more water and having to run fetch it... etc. The results have been good! Thanks to this speedy process, I already have a quarter of my pages finished and ready for Tim to process by putting panel borders in and sharpening the inks. Four of those are Jamet pages - pencil work's quick - and the Jahrd pages are going to take longer by a good amount, but I should still have it all done in about a week, ten days at the most, barring surprises. Kind of incredible!

We're well on track to hitting that March 5th deadline. :D

I need to practice with the airbrush more. I'm good at using it for broad strokes, but I know from watching my dad that there's a hell of a lot of detail that one can do with an airbrush with enough practice. Turns out it's a fun tool to play with and not so scary. Who'da thunk. :)