16k Files in Offline Access Folder
UPDATE: Thanks to Barbara's suggestion, I've made subfolders for each resolution. If you want to save some bandwidth and harddrive space, simply deselect them in the preferences:

Or instead, only add the resolutions that you want to your Drive.

Original post below:


The final Vault goal was just reached this weekend \o/

But considering there is always a bit of a drop in pledges at the start of the month (after payments are made), I'm holding out on the announcement of that for a day or two more.

In preparation of adding 60 more HDRIs to the site, and thus the Offline Access drive folder, I'm making a change to help save people some bandwidth and hard drive space...

Considering the 16k resolution files are only used occasionally but take up the majority of disk space/bandwidth used, I've removed them from the offline access folder.

The folder by default now contains only up to 8k resolution files. This cuts the total size of the folder down from 90 GB to 24 GB, and means once Vault #3 is published, you will only have to download ~7.5 GB instead of 30 GB.

If you do wish to sync the huge 16k files offline as well, just email me again and I'll send you an invite to a separate (`90GB) folder that does have them.

The 16k files are of course still available on hdrihaven.com, so I'd probably just recommend you sync the default up-to-8k folder and then download the 16k files individually on the rare occasions that you need them.

That's all for now, I hope you're all enjoying your Easter weekend :)


PS: Should I make an up-to-4k folder as well for even smaller bandwidth and disk space usage? Should this be the default too?

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