16th of February Release + Surprise
Happy (late) Valentine's day everyone! Regardless if you have a significant other or not, I hope you had fun on Valentine's day.

I spent my Valentine's day thinking about you guys and how much I appreciate you. I can't send you roses for Valentine's day but...

But I still decided to do something.

So today I have two surprises for you.

The first surprise is the image of Rhur Rroda I decided to draw. Some of you might think of him as a shipwrecker, some of you might think that his involvement is pushing the ship to sail even faster. Regardless, Rhur Rroda is a character that will have a large impact on the storyline thus I decided to draw him.

The second surprise is a Valentine themed short story featuring Kiel, Elaru, Rhur and Ayah. To summarize the short story, which is too sweet to not be cannon - Rhur does something romantic to Elaru that makes Kiel snap and do something unexpected.  This short story will be uploaded in a few hours for Aethernea tier 3+ patrons. 

Teaser for the story:

"And this one is for you..." Rhur purred, offering the dark red rose to Elaru.

Elaru accepted the rose however, her gaze showed no delight. Instead, she frowned and gazed at the flower sadly. "Have you forgotten?" 

Rhur froze. Seriously?! Weren't you teasing me last time? Don't tell me that you were serious?!

His eyes glittered, looking at her softly. "This way it will never wither."

Even Elaru had a hard time concealing her shock. Up to now, Kiel had always tried his hardest to maintain his perfect prince-charming image. His flawless courtesy didn't shatter even when he was faced with countless insults from Rhur. How come that he suddenly lost all pretense of cordiality? This was simply a declaration of war!

"Sorry... it isn't as red as your hair... but at least it won't be destroyed as easily as paper."

"Don't get me wrong. I am not flirting with you. It's just that..." He trailed off. It's just what? What was he doing?

What is with me today? Why am I doing something so unnecessary? Kiel couldn't help but turn his head away. He wasn't sure whether he was trying to avoid looking at Elaru's strange expression or trying to hide the soft pink blush spreading over his cheeks.

Elaru stared at the flower with an unreadable expression. Yet even though her expression didn't reveal much emotion, the soft murmur of her voice clearly contained a strange sentiment. "It suits you..."

* * *

On another note, new episodes are up for tiers 1, 2 and 3.

As for Tiers 4 and 5, thank you guys for being patient. My work deadline has passed and now I am back to normal. I am working hard to make up for the chapters I am behind on. Expect those chapters to keep coming in the following few days.