17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day! What will you be doing for the holiday?

Did you get to hear last week's three-hour special

Are you ready for 17 Free Celtic MP3s to spice up your St Patrick's Day party?

I don't remember what year I first published my annual "17 Free Celtic MP3s for St Patrick's Day" article. I think it was 2007 (if anyone remembers, let me know). Nevertheless, this article is one of my most-anticipated of the year. Not only do I get to highlight some incredible bands in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, but you get to download every song in the show... FOR FREE!

What a great St Patrick's Day gift!

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This podcast and these free MP3s would not be possible without the generosity of the Celtic bands who have so generously allowed me to share them with you. That's incredibly cool. 

So I want to ask the favor. Listen to the podcast and download the MP3s. When you are done, see which artist(s) or song(s) you love. Then support the artists.

Here are several quick ways to do just that:

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Thank you so much for supporting independent Celtic music and for celebrating Celtic culture through the music. Have a safe and wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

Marc Gunn
Irish & Celtic Music Podcast

1. Click the download link below.
2. Next to the folder title there is a drop down menu, click it.
3. In the menu, click "Download"
4. That will download the entire album as a zip file.
5. Once you have it, you can extract the ZIP as usual and MP3s play fine.
Let me know if you have any further problems.


The Jackdaws, www.thejackdaws.com
On The Lash
You'll Never Leave London Alive

Purcell's Polyphonic Party, http://purcelltrio.co.uk
An Invitation to Dance
Dick's Maggot

The Elders, www.eldersmusic.com
from TRUE
Hot & Bothered / Dublin Hallway 

Roads to Home, http://www.roadstohome.net/
from Dark of the Moon
Darkness Darkness

Cara Wildman, www.carawildman.com
from Cara Wildman
O'Carolan's Welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry

Spirited Lads, http://spiritedlads.com/
from Tall Tales and Fond Farewells
Culchi Lad

Na Rósaí, https://www.narosai.com/
from First Rain
Five Miles From Town, Pratt School

The Here & Now, www.thehereandnowmusicatx.com
from The Winding Stair
Winding Rambling Pumpkin

The Gothard Sisters, https://www.gothardsisters.com
from Midnight Sun
Rose Marie and Heather

JIGGY, www.jiggy.ie
from Translate
Silent Place

Dylan Foley, dylanfoleymusic.com
from Deliriously Happy
Glass of Beer / Bag of Spuds / Lady Anne Montgomery

Heavy Blarney, turkby.co.nz
from From Bog To Swamp
Sinister Path

Forkroot, www.forkroot.com
from Water & Shade
Whidbey Island Medley

Jimi McRae, http://www.jimithepiper.co.uk/
from Monster Mix
Ar Lan Y Mor

Gone Molly, www.gonemolly.com
from Gone Molly
The Miners Way

na Skylark, http://lorindajones.com/na_skylark1
from Old Ceol
The Irish Marche

Madman's Window, https://madmanswindow.wixsite.com/madmanswindow
from Avast!
Blarney Roses

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