17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day 2017
How would you like 17 FREE Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day?

My name is Marc Gunn. I am the host of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. This award-winning podcast shares Celtic culture through music. It's been my pleasure to bring this music to thousands of Celtic music fans, like you, every year since it began in 2005. 

My goal is to connect Celtic music fans with some of the best up-and-coming Celtic bands around. To that end, you get an hour-long podcast packed full of Celtic music every week. 

However, I am also a musician. I realize how important it is to find and grow a fan base. It is my honor to help these bands. That's why I ask you to not just download this music and walk away. Rather, I want you to find your new favorite Celtic band. Fall in love with them. Then begins the real journey. 

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Help each one of these, and all the great bands on the podcast continue to make great Celtic music for you.

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How to Download Your FREE Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day

Let’s get started. The music is all easily compiled into one large ZIP file. To download:

  • Right-click the link below.
  • “Save as” to the folder you choose.
  • Then unzip the file.

That’s it! Download and listen. Make sure you save this article so you can find out more about the bands. And don't forget to visit their websites for more information and how to buy their music. 

17 Free Celtic MP3s for St. Patrick's Day (plus a two bonus songs)

We Banjo 3, http://www.webanjo3.com
from String Theory
Island Orchard

The Here & Now, http://thehereandnowmusicatx.com
from Ladybird
Little Monster

Hugh Morrison, http://www.hughmorrison.com
from Prison Ballads
Prisoner Song

Poitín, http://www.poitin.cz
from Simple Pleasures
The Pleasant Month of May

Shillelagh!, http://shillelaghtexas.bandcamp.com
from A Turn of Fortune
Si Beg Si Mor (reprise)/ Banish Misfortune

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, http://www.swan-dyer.co.uk
from Paper of Pins
The Golden Glove

Jed Marum, http://jedmarum.com
from Calla's Waltz
The Wild Geese

Dave Wilson & Willie B, https://soundcloud.com/dave-wilson-844142843
from Far From Home
Clare to Here

The Gothard Sisters, http://www.gothardsisters.com
from Mountain Rose
I Courted a Sailor

Skeleton McKee, http://skeletonmckee.com
from Leave The World Laughing

SeaStar, http://www.weareseastar.com
from Never Go Back
Hjarta og Eldur

The Prodigals, http://www.prodigals.com
from Brothers
Home to You

Sons of Malarkey, http://sonsofmalarkey.com/
from Gulls Lads
Killarney Boys of Pleasure

The Selkie Girls, http://www.theselkiegirls.com
from Pirate Queen
Mo Nighean Donn as Bòidhche

O'Hanlons Horsebox, http://ohanlonshorsebox.bandcamp.com
from Songs and Stories of the Border
The Fighting Boys from Corofin

Ren, http://www.renofficialmusic.com  
from debut single
My Heart Belongs To Ireland

The Wee Heavies, http://www.theweeheavies.com
from The Wee Heavies
Bonnie Ship the Diamond

Leaping Lulu, http://leapinglulu.com
from Into The West
Summer Storm

Kilted Kings, http://kiltedkings.com
from Name On My Soul
Slainte Mhaith

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And if there's a band you'd like to hear on the podcast, please contact them. Tell them to submit 4celts.com . I would love to play their music and share it with my listeners.  

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