(17) SEA-napshot: Bamboo Market, Lampung, 1894
I couldn't find much about this photograph, only the dates and place from this tweet  by Lampung heritage. It's a market in Tanjung Karang, Lampung.

Lampung is situated on the southern most tip of Sumatra, and is pretty near to the legendary volcano, Krakatoa

This photo is likely to be taken for the two white people(in white), but how it came out, framing how small they are, the focus then shifted to everything else, to the market that stretches to no end, the towering bamboos, the dog smack in the middle of the road, the warungs left and right of the streets (I'd wager that lots of stalls would be selling food because food is a huge thing in SEA)

You know how sometimes you can walk by some place quite mundane and then something happens, a view, a moment, whatever, and it felt really beautiful but at the same time, really damn mundane. 

For me, the photo above felt like an expression of that, except in the past.

Relating to game/rpg/world building purposes, this photo is very helpful, because I think one of the toughest things when imagining our region, is actually visualizing the mundane. 

It's easier for myself to imagine fighting a Penggalan than it is to imagine going shopping in a southeast Asian wet medieval market. 

I think it's a mixture of media conditioning (very easy to conjure up cobblestoned images), taking for granted my own experiences in local markets as well as a lack of pictorial imageries.

Trivia: the word bamboo  is derived from the Indonesia and Malay word Bambu, which itself is a  Kannada term.