#cy365: february, week two
February 8 - Sometimes the soft pink is in the edit.ūüėČ Yesterday was Shaun's birthday and we had a lovely evening. ¬†

February 9 - interesting find. My grandpa collected stamps, there were a bunch of German letters from the 1880s in his collection. I always wonder what they're about! 

February 10 - off prompt - my bathroom is super clean and it's satisfying.  

 February 11 - self portrait 

February 12 - currently loving... Pickles. I go on pickle kicks. Gherkins aren't my favorite but they have a truly wonderful snappy crunch. And the word gherkin is great.  

February 13 - a hobby - I love board games and tabletop RPGs a lot. We got to play a few over winter break but there's not much time for them now that Shaun is busy with grad school. A lot of my favorites also require a lot of emotional investment that I'm not always up to. Anxiety sucks. If I can push through and play I am always glad I did, though, especially when we get to play with friends.  

 February 14 - Watched Pip for a bit! 

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