1705 - Growing Food, Growing Communities with an AMI Fellowship
Jessa Fowler, the Education Director at Allegheny Mountain Institute joins me to share information about a fellowship opportunity at AMI. This program provides a hands-on intensive focused on farming, communities, and permaculture over 18 months.

This program stood out for me, and I asked Jessa for this short interview, because the subjects covered are the trifecta of my interests: growing food, taking care of the people around us, and doing so in the framework of permaculture. Many institutes offer farming apprenticeships or community development training or permaculture design certificates, but this fellowship contains all three. The only other similar program I know of operates in California, whereas AMI's location in Virginia is accessible to a wide range of participants along the Eastern seaboard.

Making the fellowship viable for even more folks is that Phase I fellows receive a stipend of $1,000 upon completion, and Phase 2 participants receive $1,5000 per month, removing the financial burden of taking the time to live and learn deeply, embedded in community.

If you or someone you know are interested in this opportunity you can read further details in the attached PDF.  

If you are already ready, get your application in soon, as they are due by February 19, 2017. Apply at:

Allegheny Mountain Institute

Still looking for more information? Contact Jessa:

jessa (at) alleghenymountainschool.org


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