Low carb diet. NAFLD.
An integrated understanding of the rapid metabolic benefits of a carbohydrate-restricted diet on hepatic steatosis in humans (Mardinoglu et al., 2018)

Critique and analysis.

They did two very small (n=10 & n=7) 2-week long studies of low carb, high protein. Carb/fat/protein was 4/72/24 compared to 20/42/18 at baseline. There was no control group, so the results were compared to baseline.

Since it was such a small study, they were able to provide all of the food. There's always a trade-off when it comes to budgeting. They wouldn't have been able to supply all of the food if there was a control group and both groups had 75 participants, for example.

The impressive and disappointing parts: they tried really hard to keep it isocaloric (3114.6 kcals/d). That was the impressive part.

^^^ that was the disappointing part.

Disappointing to LC enthusiasts: it can no longer said to be an effect of keto per se. Confounded by weight loss. In other words, we can say NAFLD resolved because of weight loss. It may have had nothing to do with the diet.

*le sigh*

They made a big deal out of the folate finding (which actually has a plausible mechanism of action), hoping to salvage their 'keto clears liver fat' hypothesis, although they ain't foolin me! #ConfoundedByWeightLoss

It's still a good study, imo.

They showed the drastic recomposition of the 'biome, which is pretty much a well-known phenomenom. There was a study that collected fecal samples for 10 days after a radical diet change: the biggest changes in the 'biome happened on days 1-2 and it stayed there for the rest of the study.

That's all for now!

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