February 2018 - Behind the Curtain
Better late than never, right? We're slowly but steadily getting things back on track here, you can expect a second encounter posted by the end of this month (patron-only, as usual) and then with March we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This encounter is a bit tougher than previous ones, built for parties of 13th level and scaling between 11 and 17. It's the first of a series of encounters focusing on new creatures that are going to be a part of our next exciting project: the Total Party Kill Bestiary! We're hoping to flesh out the higher levels of the DM's arsenal with a batch of CR 10+ creatures, and the Utterance of Erudition featured in this encounter is your first sample.

The full book will include lore, tactics, and gorgeous illustrations, but this encounter just shows off the stats. I'm hoping you'll find the Utterance of Erudition to be thematic, easy to run, and fun to fight. Expect more updates on the Total Party Kill Bestiary later this month and in early March!

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming Team

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