Tier Benefits
Button Champion
$15 or more per month
This tier goes to supporting the distribution of ABOLISH PRISON or ABOLISH ICE buttons to anyone who asks for one in the New York City metropolitan area. I have already distributed hundreds, but every day people ask for one and this tier helps me pay for their production.
Banner Hero
$30 or more per month
As many of you know, I paint durable, reusable canvas banners for DSA projects. I have never asked for money for these projects, always paying for materials and paint with funds from this patreon. If you become a banner hero, you will be dedicating your commitment towards the production of MORE BANNERS!
Consult Tier
$100 or more per month
Do you want my full attention for a monthly phone call? We'll schedule a phone consultation and you can chew my ear off! ABOUT ANYTHING. Personal problems? Let's go. Work problems? Let's talk through them. Dating drama? Why not. 
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