Talks to Form a New Government in Catalonia Restart

The negotiations halted on Wednesday due to disagreements about Puigdemont’s role in the new executive. While JxCat contends that Puigdemont must be able to control the Catalan government from Brussels, ERC argues that it would lead to a confrontation with the Spanish government that they want to prevent by any means. The rest of the negotiation topics are already very advanced.

Both parties agree on the creation of two governments: a provisional one in Belgium led by Puigdemont that is aimed at internationalizing the Catalan cause, and the another one in Barcelona led by someone else and aimed at starting a constituent process to create the new Catalan Constitution. In addition, ERC has proposed to implement measures to grow social support for independence, which would allow the new administration to take unilateral steps to confront Spain in the future.  

JxCat filed a motion to reinstate the deposed government on Friday without reaching an agreement with ERC. “The aim of this proposal is to reinstate the deposed Catalan government with dignity,” a JxCat source said. It also rejects the repression and direct rule over Catalonia carried out by the Spanish government over the past few months. It’s still unclear whether or not ERC will support it, which could increase tensions within pro-independence parties once again.

The Catalan Parliament is to hold a plenary session to debate JxCat’s proposal, as well as to debate the investiture deadlock requested by C’s next Thursday. Last week, ERC refused to support a proposal to amend the Presidency Law presented by JxCat  to allow Puigdemont to be sworn in as president with sufficient guarantees.

 This move, together with other disagreements, was seen as hostile by JxCat, which decided to suspend the negotiations with ERC last Wednesday.