Podcast 2: Christophe Philipps - Making a Living in the Acting World
Christophe has been consistently making a living in the acting world for a number of years and he's done it through networking, making his own work, and good old fashioned hard work. He was generous enough to give up his time today to talk to me about his path to where he is. The conversation veered in a number of interesting directions, including:
  • How taking a break from the industry helped
  • Taking a non-traditional route into acting, started aged 22
  • The urge to create your own work
  • Finding work in unlikely places
  • The audition mindset
  • How a team mentality has resulted in repeat bookings
  • Managing egos in small scale productions
  • The benefit of putting the hours in
  • Worthing Actors and Creatives (WAAC)

Christophe's Spotlight profile: https://www.spotlight.com/7657-9052-8636 

Christophe's website: http://christophephilipps.co.uk/ 

Worthing Area Actors and Creatives Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124603444739205/ 

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Behind the scenes

I said in the podcast that I would share some of my notes from the editing process, so here they are. This will only make sense once you have listened to the podcast, and it's not likely to be of interest to everyone, so feel free to ignore it. 

This was generally a really easy edit. Because we recorded it on a whim, and because we were both very relaxed (today is a snow day, for future reference - Southern England has pretty much come to a standstill, so we'd both spent the day relaxing), it has a very natural rhythm to it. In the previous podcast I recorded the questions out of sync, which meant a laborious and anxiety-filled cut and paste process afterwards. With Christophe I have cut a few things out - ums and errs, long pauses and the parts where I waffled on for a while without making any sense - but it's essentially untouched. I usually plan questions and conversation topics in advance, but I hadn't had the chance for this one, and I think it sounds more natural for it. That said, we didn't quite get into the detail of some aspects of Christophe's work. Christophe has said he's happy to come back and talk to me again, so if there's anything you'd like him to expand on, do leave your comments and ideas below. 

Technically I had to remove quite a lot of pops (plosive sounds - Ps and Bs at the start of words), which is a chore, but I'm now starting to identify them as they happen. All I have to do now is remember to move away from the mic, or talk across it rather than directly into it. 

I'm aware that my enunciation and elocution need some work. I have a tendency to speak very quickly in real life, and my elocution is slipping back into my old Leicesterism of being lazy with my lips. Full vocal warm up before the next one, methinks.