free music and new shows for 2018!
I know that most of you who support me here do so because of my writings, but I occasionally write and perform music as well. For many years, I was in a noise-pop band called Bitesize. My current project is *soft vowel sounds* - here is a description:

*soft vowel sounds* is the latest solo music project from former Bitesize guitarist-vocalist-principal songwriter Julia Serano. With *soft vowel sounds*, she offers a novel mix of deliciously percussive and dissonant guitar noises, catchy-as-hell melodies, smart yet silly lyrics, and a charming lo-fi quirkiness that evokes the spirit of early records by Liz Phair, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Beat Happening, Sebadoh, and They Might Be Giants. 

Back in 2014, I (as *svs*) released a 4-song "EP" called Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one. It included "Ray," my parody of the famous trans-themed song "Lola" by The Kinks - here's a lyric-driven "video" for "Ray" on YouTube. Following that release (and a few shows), I unintentionally took a couple-year hiatus from music.

But lately, I've been playing again and writing new songs! My goal is to release another batch of *soft vowel sounds* music later this year. I plan to perform a few of these new songs at my first public music performance in three years, which is just a couple weeks away! Here are the details:

March 13, 2018 -- julia (aka, *soft vowel sounds*) will be playing at “Quirky Queer Band Tuesday!” at El Rio (3158 Mission Street, San Francisco). The other bands will be Polythene Pam and Scorpio Moon. Music starts at 8pm, show ends at 11pm, $10 sliding scale, must be 21 & up, more details here.

To celebrate this return to music, I am making many of my previous recordings free and/or heavily discounted! Here is what's available:

  • you can download all four songs from Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one from Bandcamp for free - just click that link, and enter "0" under "Name Your Price."
  • you can now download the entire Bitesize catalog (36 songs!) for a mere $10.40 - just click on any Bitesize Bandcamp album page and scroll down to the "Buy Digital Discography" and click that link. 
  • you can also freely download six Bitesize songs from the Bitesize mp3 page, plus the fan-favorite I Killed Sting from that link. (warning: in some browsers, these songs may immediately start playing.) 

As always, you can listen to all Bitesize and *soft vowel sounds* songs for free & in their entirety from those Bandcamp pages, so you can listen before (or without) deciding to purchase. I should add that many of the songs are trans-themed - check out my post Transgender-themed artists, bands, music, songs & anthems for a rundown of those songs. And lyrics for each song can be found on Bandcamp and/or on the Bitesize lyrics and "Ray versus..." webpages.

Enjoy! and perhaps I'll see some of you at El Rio on March 13th!

And thanks as always for all your support!