New WaM Schedule
Hello, everyone! :D As I was sitting here, barely able to keep my eyes open, I realized that I needed to make a tiny (official) change to WaM's update schedule.

Typically I try to get the strips up by midnight on the day of when it should go live (Wed/Fri/Sun), and I consider anything posted after that as "late."

However, when I created that schedule (like over ten years ago) it was an update schedule based on when I had free time. (Ex. In college when I started WaM, I had like no classes on Tuesday & Thursday, which made them ideal days to draw). And over time I kept that schedule for the sake of uniformity.

But as you can imagine, my schedules & responsibilities are very different now, and I'm older. So depending on how work goes, will decide how much I want to draw when I get home.

With that in mind, I've decided to make thing easy for myself and adjust WaM's schedule just a bit:  WaM still updates on Wed./Fri./Sun. like it says on the page, (I'm also still back dating all the posts to midnight no matter what for my own organization sake), but they'll get posted when they're done. Whether it's midnight or late in the evening. So basically they'll go live at some point during that 24 hour period of the day. 

I feel this will create less pressure on getting the comic done (i.e. If it's been a good day, I'll get it done Tuesday evening, if it's been a bad one, I'll do it Wed., etc.) and will hopefully get rid of all the "Oh gosh it's gonna' be late again--I'm sorry" messages.

And who knows. Maybe if I get rid of this one stress point (and making my time to draw more flexible) things might get back into a good groove. Wish me luck!

And as for my Patrons:

  • If I get WaM finished on the day before, you'll still see it first.
  • I'm going to try and post a lot more Patron-only WIP previews to replace the "you get to see the strip early" benefit. :D

I love all of you! Thank you so much for reading.

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