You may have noticed a slight lull in content the past week or so. This is due to a lot of snow days, family time, and work. Once things get back on track, I'll be back on track! :) It's difficult to record with a 4yo running rampant through the house. Partly because I want to ensure he's safe and partly because I am having fun with him! I expect to add more Minecraft to the channel, specifically an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) series. I am also considering a creative "let's build" series where I recreate old D&D maps with Minecraft. We'll see what the future brings us! :) I definitely need to step up my building skills and redstone skills in the game and I am hoping the creative series will help with that. I've also started working in more time lapses to shorten the tedious to watch bits. I am not keen on going abridged with my games, but might look at doing that in the future. On the game design front, I've put some of it on hold while I play more games. I want more experience with different mechanics and games similar to what I'm working on. They are not going away, far from it. Currently in development are Die Civilization (primary project), GalaXism, Homage & Fealty, Business Card Fighters, and D-Stars!. I'm not going to stretch myself too thin with these projects, but these are the games I am constantly getting ideas for and working on. I really want to finish Die Civilization and get it published. But before I do that, I'm going to really research what I need to do with Kickstarter, cost to publish the game, fees, taxes, shipping, etc. I also have to be careful what components I choose since some are manufactured overseas and with the West Coast shenanigans going on, it'll be difficult to do anything with Chinese-produced components. On the Magic: The Gathering front, I am still working on my Tiny Leaders Deck Tech for Kemba, Kha Regent. There are two cards I am sure I own but cannot find...but then again, having 10-20K cards to sift through takes time. :\ I may just do the tech with the cards listed and worry about finding them later. Equipment front: I think next month I'll be able to get the HD webcams I want for my setup. I am in the process of rearranging my office to allow for physical game reviews, which will be pretty darned awesome! :) As I stated, I'm going to need 2 cameras, one for me and another to record the table. I have a 720p webcam now, but I've decided that a 1080p camera would better suit what I need to do. These will do until I can get more professional cameras for HD recording that I can take on the road. Plans are still to record Magic matches, boardgame playthroughs, etc. I'm crawling my way there all thanks to support my patrons are providing me! It really helps me out :) Until next time, -Excalibur