Why so Healthy in Japan? (w/ Transcript & Links)
Hey everyone, here's the new video on Japan. I'm hoping this doesn't feel repetitive. Having lived in Japan and America, it's really interesting to see how different the food environments are. What initially inspired me to talk about Japan was seeing comments on one of my low carb related videos saying something like "Sure, low carb helps you lose weight, that's why Japanese people are so thin from eating all that rice."

But there's way more to their health and lifestyle than rice consumption. Just saw an article recently saying something about how Japan is so healthy yet has a high carb diet. Sure, but they're on a low crap diet too. Hopefully this video made it a bit more clear for people new to health and nutrition that it's not all about one macronutrient and it's surely not all about calories.

If none of this was new for y'all, I hope it was at least interesting!


P.S. In the transcript, I left a couple lines in there that are not in the video. There's a strikethrough through them, so it's easy to spot. So you don't have to dig through it, here's one more point that I didn't end up leaving in the video: 

"Another factor to health in Japan could be hot baths. There are onsen which are hotsprings and sentou which are commercial bathhouses peppered all throughout the country. It’s rare for a house not to have a bathtub, and taking a hot bath every night is very common. While some studies suggest that heat can decrease testosterone levels, a Finnish study on 2300 middle aged men found that fatal cardiovascular disease was 27% lower in men that used the sauna 2 - 3 times a week and 50% lower in men that used the sauna 4 - 7 times a week compared to those using it only once a week."

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