Developer's report - February 2018

Download calendar item, subscribing to your own calendar

You can add ABR events to the calendar of your device. You can choose to:

  • download calendar items as ".ics" files for each tournament you are interested in.
  • subscribe to your own ABR calendar (on your Personal page). Events will be added to your calendar automatically when you register to them.

Supported platforms: Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, +any other calendar application which supports the iCalendar format

Relaxing tournament conflicts, new "team tournament" event type

As an organiser you can relax a tournament, so conflicts (when more than one player is on the same rank) won't appear. This can be useful if you have ran out of tiebreakers during an event. I also added a new event type called "team tournament" which is relaxed by default. (example: Double Play KOS - Berlin)

Reenabling claiming with private decklists

Claiming with private decks was disabled last year during the Glasshouse controversy. I have reenabled the feature with one constraints: private decks will be published by ABR and the newly published deck will be referenced.

More automated tests

Automated tests are never enough, I added a reasonable amount during February. Although they do not manifest as new exiting features, they contribute a lot to the stability of the site and reduce the number of unwanted bugs.

Merging imported results with user claims

I have sank countless hours into this. Finally it should work as intended: If  a tournament has imported results and you make your claim with matching IDs, the imported entry should disappear. I also introduced a lot of automated test for this as it has a lot of cases (with/without top cut, import first+claim later/claim first+import later, IDs matching/not matching on swiss/top cut, etc.)

Bugfixes and small improvements

  • displaying player points from
  • mobile menu design tweaks
  • claiming with other people's deck while having none of your own
  • fixing ID image download script
  • make badges seen bugfix
  • deleting imported json when clearing tournament results 
  • claim chart fix for users without created tournaments
  • refactoring Google API keys
  • 'Champion of Sorts' badge bugfix
  • calendar timezone bugfix
  • empty upcoming list while having default country bugfix
  • handling differently formed results
  • profile videos linked decklists bugfix
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts