March Game Giveaway
Hey all!

If you've been following some of our activities of late here at the CR, you probably know that February was a busy month for us. So busy, in fact, that we neglected to do a number of regularly occurring things like our To Be Played video...and our Patreon game giveaway. 

Well, it's time we go ahead and fix that.

Now, rather than trying to rectify the issue by doubling up on the number of games, we've instead decided on simply pick a game that would normally be above our current price range for games at our present pledge amount .(Something we hope to increase permanently with additional Patreon success down the line.) Hopefully you all won't mind going for something with a slightly bigger footprint :)

To that end, this month we've decided to raffle off the fantasy-based indie deckbuilder Draconis Invasion. You can check out the BGG Entry for more info.

In this game, players are competing to fend off hordes of invaders attempting to overwhelm their land. Each player must acquire gold, build their armies, and leverage special attacks in order to ensure it'll be your patch of the kingdom which will emerge the most successful at staving off the impending darkness looming over everything. Additionally, Draconis Invasion adds in secret in-game objectives and a unique fatigue system that weakens your armies the longer they're on the board.

The timing works out pretty well too for this strategic card game: what originally started off as a Kickstarter-only game has recently been picked up by Passport Game Studios. But you don't have to wait for it to make its way into wider distribution: you have a chance at it right now!

Per usual, all Patreon backers are automatically entered each month. If you're not a backer, consider becoming one today!

Also, congrats to Equite Newton for being the previous month's winner of Kokoro!