Pilot Episode (or) Is that a chihuahua?

This pilot episode of the Patrick and Dear Old Dad VidCast is sort of a weathervane. We want to be certain that our video equipment, software and lighting are up to snuff. It looks like we are good to go after a few tweaks and adjustments. So, what did we learn?

Well, the camera does not like the reflection from Patrick’s guitar, so he must be careful not to catch and reflect the halogen lights. Also, the camera and processing software seems to work more efficiently with shorter time frames, so we will film a bit, take a break and start up again. This will also lessen the stress burden of continuous multitasking on Patrick. 

Our basic agenda will be to choose a folk song (any genre), play it and deconstruct it by examining the various uses of the chord progression, melody and lyrics through generations of musicians. We will also visit the sometimes-forgotten giants who have enriched our musical heritage through the years.  Most of all we want us and you folks to have fun.

We may re-shoot the pilot, or we may not. Tune in next week to see what happens.

Peace to all,

Pat Costello (Dear Old Dad)