Oh WOW! You lovely people are absolutely amazing! We've just reached our 5th milestone, before we even had a chance to finish off the reward for the 4th! Thank you, a thousand times, thank you. There's a reason for the "Latimer's Day Off" delay: I'm afraid my health has been poor and I have to go back into hospital in just under 3 weeks for more surgery. I am doing my best to get episodes for this month, March and for April wrapped up (and Latimer's Day off finished) before then so that podcast interruption is minimalised. This is quite challenging, as I am managing a lot of pain whilst waiting for the surgery, so I apologise in advance if things are delayed and a little more sporadic than they should be. This also means that Baking With Latimer will probably land in May, when I'm back on my feet properly. Until then, thank you so much for your support. You are bless poppets of the highest order, May your cakes be light and your tea delicious. Em xx
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