Jordi Sánchez Nominated as Presidential Candidate

Mar 7, 2018

On Monday, Catalan Parliament speaker, Roger Torrent, nominated the jailed leader, Jordi Sànchez, as a presidential candidate. One day later, he also announced that the investiture session to swear Sànchez in will be held in  Parliament next Monday at 10 am.

The Spanish government warned that they won’t allow him to become president. However, the final decision will be made by the Spanish Supreme Court.

According to an important number of jurists, if Judge Llarena, who is leading the case against Catalan pro-independence leaders, does not allow Sànchez to be sworn in as President, he would be prevaricating. Thus, if Sànchez appeals that possible decision to higher courts, including the European ones and wins, the whole case against Catalan pro-independence leaders would be nullified. And all the Catalan political prisoners would have to be released immediately.

The leftist party CUP announced last Saturday that they won’t support Sanchez or any other candidate for president unless the road-map of the new government is aimed at building the Republic of Catalonia without further delays.

According to the CUP, the current proposal for the formation of a new government presented by JxCat and ERC purports to respect the Spanish legal framework, the one that has never been respected by the Spanish government itself. Thus, the CUP reaffirms that they will respect the popular mandate from the latest election: The construction of the Republic of Catalonia, by all means, and without further delays.

JxCat and ERC announced on Monday that they are both working on an agreement to present to the CUP as soon as the end of this week. Sources near the negotiations said that they have already modified several points of the initial agreement in an attempt to convince the CUP to join them. 

However, sources from ERC and JxCat don’t discard the possibility of holding a new election if the CUP finally rejects the agreement. In such a case and according to numerous polls, ERC and JxCat would keep their seats in Parliament and the CUP would double them.